Our Owner

Miki Riley (author, CEO, and owner of The Fabulous 40 & Over Club) established many of her brands after 22 years of working experience in the Health/Beauty industry. Her passion and zeal are to help & motivate women to find the “love and beauty” within themselves regardless of the circumstance.

The Fabulous 40 & Over Club Book

Before the institution of The Fabulous 40 & Over Club, our humble beginnings started as our best-selling book. The book was written to help define “Fabulousness” from a more mature point of view. It is a collection of 40 different points of view 40 different women, some of whose experiences are similar and different.

This enlightening book is meant to Encourage, Inspire, Challenge, and Motivate its readers.

Our Mission

Our number one focus is to help people through educational resources, benefits, and protective services designed to empower them look, feel, and live a life of fabulousness.

Members of The Fabulous 40 and Over Club can enjoy various benefits specific to their and their family’s needs. From building a community of people of similar interests and goals to creating generational wealth with our various supplemental insurance policies.